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• Handpainted Novelty Condoms
Unique lovely nonsense


• Easy unrolling • Soft touch
• Smooth feeling • Cheers ! Amsterdam style.
• Interested in B2B wholesale possibilities ? • Please ask our staff.


• Unique Bohemian Art novelty condoms, Amsterdam sytle.
• All handpainted condoms are individually made with love and attention.
• Exklusive fine craftmanship from the Heart of Europe.

ERCO BoHemian Condoms Ltd.

Question and Answer:

Can you actually use them?
No, a novelty condom does not protect. It is just lovely nonsense. 


These latex novelty condoms contain Natural Rubber Latex (NRL) which may cause allergic reactions.
Novelty condoms are not intended for family planning or prevention of sexually transmitted diseases (STD). 

A novelty condom means:

Only decoration, no protection. Looking for real protection? Use real condoms!
Handpainted condoms are lovely nonsense and great and unique gifts.

  • ERCO BoHemian Condoms Ltd. and Condomerie worked together with the original founders in re-organizing workplace and atelier.
  • We met the painting artists. We know these latex condoms are all individually created, dipped & hand painted.
  • Pigments and colouring inks are non-toxic. Dusting powder is 100% natural. The natural rubber latex is form a good source and quality controlled. 
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ERCO BoHemian Condoms Ltd.
Ing. Jaroslav Richtr

Doubrava 57
294 11 Loukov
Czech Republic

Telefon: +420 602 451 115
Email: info@condomerco.com

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